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What Is So Special About Lego Technic

What Is So Special About Lego Technic

Have you ever thought about why lego technic is so much more expensive than any other type of lego?

LEGO technic is not just a theme, as well as a type of LEGO. Rather than the more traditional bricks LEGO technic is more advanced pieces making them more versatile and ideal for building complex sets that involve more advanced pieces such as axels, gears, pins, and motors

LEGO Technic sets emphasize what’s different from the ordinary LEGO sets usually being highly detailed models which are inspired by real-world vehicles and machines with exceptional functionality, having realistic movements and authentic details which excite and inspire

the sets range from cars such as the Ferrari 488 GTE, Bugatti Chiron, Porsche 911 RSR, and the Lamborghini Sian to the LEGO technic Crane.