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Best Lego sets 2022

Best Lego sets 2022

Lego is a way of expressing creativity .Lego is not only for children but also adults and can completely change your mood. These variously coloured interlocking plastic bricks do not only allow children to build an early foundation for mathematical concepts but also the development of fine motor skills in both children and adults. Children will be occupied for hours creating different scenarios from their favourite movies and books Lego is an amazing source of entertainment when stuck indoors and can be used as beautiful centre pieces to show off to friends and family.

We have put together a few of the best Lego sets for 2022 (not in any specific order ):

FRIENDS Central Perk Café, building set

FRIENDS Central Perk Café
  • Dimensions 9.4 x 38.2 x 26.2 cm
  • Weight 1.32 kg
  • piece number 1070
  • Age : 16+

This set is in celebration of the 25th anniversary of Friends. The set includes the iconic seating area, Phoebe’s musical stage, and Gunther’s coffee house counter. The set also comes with seven minifigures, six of which are the main cast. Order coffees and a muffin for Monica from Gunther at the service counter. Wait tables with Rachel. Grab a slice of pizza with Joey. But cover your ears if Ross plays his keyboard or Phoebe sings on the stage. Whether you choose to play with this fun construction set or simply display it, this fantastic LEGO Ideas set will make your day, your week, your month or even your year.



  • dimensions : 37.5 x 57 x 15 cm
  • Weight : 6.12 kg
  • Number of pieces : 3696
  • Minimum age : 8

With superb detailing, the model car is an accurate representation of the original Sián FKP 37 in eye-catching lime green with golden rims. Its Detail is everything as you bring the beautiful Sián FKP 37 to life. This model was developed especially for fans of super sports cars. The model car in 1:8 scale is 13 cm high, 60 cm long and 25 cm wide .This LEGO set is presented in exclusive luxury packaging and provides a stunning display piece to own and enjoy.

This model car can be a very special birthday or Christmas gift for a person who is dear to you. Powered by Passion! No batteries are required for this Lego Technic set so you can immediately get on with the engrossing construction project.


  • Dimensions : ‎36 x 19 x 12 cm;
  • Weight :1.2 Kilograms
  • Number of pieces :1685
  • Age : 16+

The Statue of Liberty set is America’s iconic symbol of freedom. This impressive LEGO captures the beauty of the Lady Liberty with its detailed shield-lined pedestal, brick detailing and columned balconies. The beautifully crafted Lady Liberty statue features a flowing robe, broken shackles, 7-ray crown, iconic tablet and an upraised arm bearing a golden torch. This model makes a truly symbolic centre piece for a home or office.

Harry Potter Castle Hogwarts Chamber of Horror Toy Set

  • Dimensions : ‎8.7 x 58.2 x 37.8 cm
  • Weight : 1.8 Kilograms
  • Number of pieces : 1176
  • Age : 9+

Harry Potter™ LEGO® set creates an incredible scene from the Wizarding World, with magical features to bring the books and movies to life. A stunning new LEGO set that recreate the iconic Hogwarts Express, the beautiful Great Hall and more of your favourite Harry Potter™ locations.

This set includes a 2-storey castle with the Chamber of Horror , the Great Hall and easily accessible tower and attic. Through the round entrance reveals a corridor through which the Basilisk can enter. 10 mini-figures( Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, Tom Riddle, Colin Creevey, Justin Finch-Fletchley, Luna Lovegood & Professor Sinistra.)


  • Dimensions : ‎26.2 x 6.1 x 19.1 cm
  • Weight : 200 Grams
  • Number of Pieces :‎ 468
  • Age : ‎12 – 18 years

We adore our little Skyline sets, that allow you build iconic buildings. This London set includes Nelson’s Column, the London Eye, the National Gallery, Big Ben and Tower Bridge. A collectible booklet containing information about the design come with the set . This Set is a wonderful masterpiece .Perfect for the home.

 Technic Porsche 911 RSR, Multi-Coloured, 42096

  • Dimensions :48 x 9.4 x 37.8 centimetres
  • Weight :2.26 kg
  • Number of pieces 1580
  • Age :7+

This Porsche 911 RSR is one of the best Technic cars that looks like the original . The vehicle’s has powerful appearance with the white, red and black colouring as well as a sticker sheet for further details. It was developed for race car lovers. This set comes with an impressive six-cylinder boxer engine with moving pistons .Open the doors to access a cockpit packed with realistic details and adventure away .