Author: Jamie Cartmell

Unique and Interesting Halloween Lego

Perfect halloween Lego gifts for the scary season! We visited local lego stores to find unique and interesting Halloween Lego for 2022 and found the following Halloween Lego sets: LEGO 10273 Creator Expert Haunted House Model Set for AdultsLEGO...

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What Is So Special About Lego Technic

Have you ever thought about why lego technic is so much more expensive than any other type of lego? LEGO technic is not just a theme, as well as a type of LEGO. Rather than the more traditional bricks LEGO technic is more advanced pieces making...

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Lego Architecture Best Sets

Whether you’re looking to decorate your desk, give a loved one a special gift, or even just collect the sets here are all the top lego architecture sets to collect. The New York City skyline is one of the most iconic in the world, and the...

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